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1. Заголовок новой темы должен начинаться словом ПРОДАМ/КУПЛЮ или ОБМЕНЯЮ.
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4. Поднимать тему можно один раз в ТРИ дня!

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The Soundcraft GB4-24 is 24-channel, 4-bus console designed and constructed to ensure rugged reliability under stressful tour conditions. All input modules have individual vertically-mounted PCB's fitted to the steel chassis.
It is designed for performance venue installation or small touring system applications. The Soundcraft GB4-24 dual-mode topology allows it to be used for FOH or monitor duties, with fader control of group or aux outputs.
Although largely conventional in layout, the Soundcraft GB4-24 does have some unique mechanical features. The rugged steel chassis has a sloping rear connector panel so that it is easier to configure from in front of the desk, while the integral power supply has a link option for an external backup PSU.
The Soundcraft GB4-24 has 4 mute groups that allows several channels to be muted simultaneously. Another unique feature for the Soundcraft GB4-24 is the limiter on a set of dedicated record outputs that makes it easier to create a stereo recording of the mix.

Soundcraft GB4-24 features include:
24-channel frame size
GB30 mic preamps
Precision equalization circuitry
Direct outputs on every channel
Talkback facility
100mm faders
Switchable 48V phantom powering on every channel
18dB/octave high-pass filter
4 mute groups
12-segment LED metering
Record output with limiter
2 full-feature stereo channels
2 stereo returns
8 aux sends (4 are pre/post switchable)
4 sub groups (SWAP with Auxes 1-4)
The Soundcraft GB4-24 has a 7x4 output matrix


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Цена - 1000$

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